Plymouth Valiant 100 for sale


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Make: Plymouth
Model: Valiant 100
Year: 1968
Engine: 225 Slant 6
Color: Red/Maroon
Interior: Newish Black Vinyl
Prior Owners : One

D o n e  A n d  D o n e

- Front End
- Exhaust
- Battery & Alternator
- Valve Head Gasket

- Heater core
- Total Engine Rebuild
- New Transmission




»1968 Plymouth Valiant for sale ««
Front Back left front
right right interior and dash
front seats
back seats (note the rip covered in black tape on the seat) headliner is ripped
I have a 67' grill NOT a 68' engine engine
accident repair
accident repair

There are about 18,000 miles on the entirely new engine (save for the head and block, read below for details) and new transmission. It's a California car that was in 1 accident prior to my ownership (see pictures for repair), but it drives straight as an arrow. It runs great, just starts slow in cold weather due to a missing heat riser. The steering box leaks fluid that "stop leak" does not fix, so it will probably need to be replaced. The exterior looks good (only little scratches and imperfections), but the clear coat is chipping off and could use a paint job to make it look so much better. The interior is in good shape with a few small rips in the vinyl seats. There is a new heater core, but the heat does not work. It appeared to be a wiring problem, but I just didn't have the time to work on it. The air conditioning did not work when I bought it so those parts were removed to ease the engine rebuild process. Although this car would make a great project, it runs 100% reliably as-is. No smog required and yearly registration only costs $78. Registrered until October 2007. Gets about 16MPG.

All work is documented with dated receipts and oil changes have been done every 30,000 miles with fully synthetic oil. This car has basically been babied for 3 years since it's overhaul, with an average of about 5,000 miles driven each year. The original car manual is included too, which helped immensely during all repairs. There are also some spare parts from the original owner that may prove useful in future repairs.

You can read all information about this car on this page. (If you have a specific question that isn't addressed, just let me know, but please don't just say "tell me more about this car" because that's what this webpage is for.) Located in San Diego, California. I'm looking to recoup my costs for the engine rehaul, and for someone who will giver her a loving home.

$3,000 OBO

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YES the car is still for sale!
When the car sells I will remove this page.

In May of 2002 my car died. It sat around for just over a year in my father-in-law's driveway, waiting for him to have time and for me to have money. Why? Because we were going to gut the engine and start fresh. Around August 2003 we finally put all the pieces back together and I've been driving her very sparingly.

Broken piston rings, seized & scratched pistons, pitted rod bearings and camshaft, deteriorating water and oil pumps, bent tranny lines, and a transmission we didn't know the status of... you name it and my car needed it. About the only thing we salvaged was the block and the head, both of which were bored and decked and checked up one side and down the other. We sent the tranny to a shop but everything else was sanitized, replaced, sanded/painted, and reassembled.

(Written prior to the engine rehaul of 2003)

Isn't it the American dream that our prospective used car comes from the proverbial little old lady who "only drove it to the store and back"? You better believe I jumped at the chance to buy this classic beauty when I found out the owner was a mechanic in his 60's. For the bargain price of $600 plus $100 for a new battery and fluids, etc. I had myself a sweet ride. It's sleek lines and perfect size have made me fall in love with my car.